terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

À atenção do Papa Bento XVI (2)

De um excelente texto de Phil Lawler, intitulado Spare us from Vatican economic analysts, que merece ser lido na íntegra, destaco as seguintes passagens (via Tom Woods):
[P]erhaps the Vatican might learn a few lessons from economic analysts. Just for instance:
  • that government does not create anything, and therefore does not have funds unless it obtains those funds from ordinary people: taxpayers;
  • that the world’s financial system is currently endangered because of the soaring level of government debt;
  • that regulatory agencies have an abysmal record of failure in protecting the public from market fluctuations, speculative bubbles, and even outright fraud—and it is only reasonable to expect that a worldwide authority would reproduce those failures on a global scale;
  • that government interventions in the markets invariably produce unintended consequences, many of them deleterious;
  • that government regulation invariably furnishes opportunities for powerful corporations to manipulate the market for their own purposes, to the detriment of the general welfare.
Oh, yes, and most important of all:
  • When an obscure Vatican agency [Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace] issues a statement that contains 50% solid Catholic social teaching, and 50% flaky leftist theory, the world’s media will ignore the distinctively Catholic content—what the Church should say, what the world should learn—and concentrate exclusively on the leftist theory. So for the great mass of ordinary readers, who will never read the full document, but only scan the headlines, the important message will be lost. What will register, instead, is that the Vatican has not learned its lessons about economic affairs and political realities.

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