quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

Notícias manifestamente exageradas sobre uma morte sucessivamente anunciada

New Technologies Redraw the World’s Energy Picture, nem mais nem menos que no New York Times! Reservas em águas profundas (deepwater reserves), areias petrolíferas (oil sands), shale, Alto Árctico. O grande Julian Simon, mesmo postumamente, strikes back, once again! Alguns excertos (realces meus):
(...) From the high Arctic waters north of Norway to a shale field in Argentine Patagonia, from the oil sands of western Canada to deepwater oil prospects off the shores of Angola, giant new oil and gas fields are being mined, steamed and drilled with new technologies. Some of the reserves have been known to exist for decades but were inaccessible either economically or technologically.

Put together, these fuels should bring hundreds of billions of barrels of recoverable reserves to market in coming decades and shift geopolitical and economic calculations around the world. The new drilling boom is expected to diversify global sources away from the Middle East, just as the growth in consumption of fuels shifts from the United States and Europe to China, India and the rest of the developing world(...)

“The unconventional boom will guarantee that the competition is strong for years to come,” Mr. Burkhard said. “If oil costs $200 a barrel, that would provide more headroom for electric vehicles. But if oil is at $90, alternative, renewable energy will need to compete better on an economic basis.”(...)

Renewable energy will rise as a percentage of energy used, to 15 percent from 10 percent, but that will not provide for the growing demand.

“The fossil fuel age will be extended for decades,” said Ivan Sandrea, president of the Energy Intelligence Group, a research publisher. “Unconventional oil and gas are at the beginning of a technological cycle that can last 60 years. They are really in their infancy.”

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