segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

Como sair do Afeganistão?

Esta é a pergunta que William S. Lind formula num artigo na American Conservative. Creio que a seguinte passagem se virá a revelar, a seu tempo, presciente:
«The most that can now be attained in Afghanistan is a quiet defeat. That was what we got in Iraq, and it would look much the same in Afghanistan. An Afghan government, probably a coalition, would last for a while after we got out. We would leave on what we could claim was our own timetable, more or less. Afghanistan would not be a real state, just as Iraq is not a real state; in both cases, most of the security forces give their loyalty to entities other than the government. But by the time both disintegrate, the American public’s attention will have moved on to other things. That is how quiet defeat works.»

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