terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

Marc Faber: por que não cresce a economia ocidental?

Marc Faber numa das mais ricas entrevistas de que tenho memória. Todo o video merece ser ouvido com muita atenção. Retenho, em especial, duas passagens. Aos 3:33,
«Basically we have the Keynesians and the Democrats and I'm not saying that all democrats are equal, but they want interventions and we have far too many interventions in the western world where the share of the total economy that goes to government and is government sponsored has grown. And that essentially makes it very difficult for the western world to grow substantially. As to that huge level of debts, I don't see how the western world, including the US, Japan, and Western Europe can actually grow. They're going to stagnate. And when you have stagnation over a longer period of time, people start to ask questions and then they go after minorities. And Wall Street is a minority – they are a minority and anyone else would have done the same. They use the system. But they didn't create the system. The system was created by the lobbyists and by Washington. So they should actually go to Washington and also occupy the Federal Reserve on the way.»
e aos 7:40,
«The problem is, governments in the western world -- and I'm not singling out the US -- they have grown like a cancer. And now they protect themselves to stay in power and they have a variety of alliances, like, for instance Mr. Obama he has no clue, but when he sees the protesters in Wall Street he immediately says yes, yes, yes that’s a good idea so he can target the minority so can buy a few more votes. And of course the well to do people want to protect what they worked for and also what they're paying for because as you know in the US roughly 50% of the people don't pay federal income tax. So actually to say that the rich have not contributed anything is actually wrong.»

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