quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

De azul a verde e vice-versa, sempre em conúbio estatal

No Finantial Times (realces meus):

Mr Krenicki [chefe de divisão do sector da energia da GE, cujo CEO, Jack Immelt, é o actual presidente do painel de conselheiros económicos de Obama] accepted that there could be future cuts in government support for wind power and other forms of renewable energy in the US and elsewhere. However, he said GE’s range of products meant it was well placed to benefit, whatever the policy environment. He highlighted GE’s involvement in natural gas, through its gas turbines for power generation and equipment for gas production and management.

Abundant supplies thanks to shale gas production have transformed the US energy outlook, and could do the same in other countries.

In an environment where public policy is paralysed, all roads lead to natural gas,” Mr Krenicki said. “[And] no company is better positioned for gas than GE.”

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