sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2011

O Afeganistão, a América e Eric Blair(*)

No AntiWar, um excelente post: Nexus 7: America’s Orwellian Project in Afghanistan. Um excerto:

This problem [quantitative in nature] seems to be permeating the social sciences everywhere: whether it be “forecasting” the American economy 10 years from now or predicting the Congressional breakdown in 25 years. People are not static: their thoughts and opinions, motivations and actions, desires and wants, are constantly changing. All it takes is one black swan to make a complete mockery of the modern day School of Quantification of the Cogs. Perhaps what is most frightening about all things quantitative is that the human element of just about everything disappears. It’s no longer about helping the devastated Afghan community, but about ensuring a quality cost-benefit analysis.
(*) - aka George Orwell

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