domingo, 4 de setembro de 2011

O establishment e seus anátemas

Many on the right call Obama a “socialist” as many on the left accused Bush of being a “fascist,” neither group seeing the stark similarities in almost all of their policies. Meanwhile, the more mainstream forces on both left and right refuse to countenance such “extremist” rhetoric and insist that both political parties, for all their differences, have the best of America’s interests at heart.In the left’s unflinching loyalty to social democracy and economic intervention and the right’s invincible love for the military and support for corporate America we see why we are allowed to decry corruption and special interests, but not dig too much deeper than that, lest we be relegated to the periphery of respectable discussion.
-- Anthony Gregory, na Introdução a
Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy, de Murray Rothbard (PDF)
E assim se explica o comportamento dos mainstream media que o cartoon ilustra:

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