domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

Antecipando as actividades do ex-presidente Obama

por Don Boudreaux, no Cafe Hayek (itálicos meus):
He [President Obama] knows no more about the economic matters upon which he pronounces than does an actor portraying a physician on a television soap-opera knows about cardiology or obstetrics.

His comparative advantage is as a talking show pony, to trot out on the public stage to mouth platitudes, to declaim the splendid ideas of his party, to decry the squalid ideas of the opposing party, and, after he is relieved of the burdens of office, to make millions so that people destitute of critical faculties can get cheap thrills – for which they’ll pay big bucks – by sitting for a few minutes in the same room as a former president of the executive branch of the United States government.

And it will never dawn on any of these people who Oooo! and Ahhh! in the presence of a former president that if that human being, who once sat at the big desk in the Oval Office, were really as magnificent and wonderful and smart and wise and productively creative as he and his handlers and party apologists made him out to be while he was in office, he is nothing but a bum wasting his remarkable talents when he could be founding and operating a private firm (or multiple firms!) that actually put to a genuine market test the ‘big’ ideas he expressed such assurance in while spending other people’s money.
Minha nota: aplicável à generalidade de todos os ex-presidentes, ex-primeiros-ministros, ex-membros do governo  e burocratas da regulação que, em funções públicas, não fizeram mais que gastar o dinheiro que não era deles. Sempre em nome do bem-estar colectivo e da promoção do emprego, claro.

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