domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

Um convite aos leitores: tem Ron Paul razão?

Back in 1980, just as America was making its political turn to the right, Milton Friedman lent his voice to the change with the famous TV series “Free to Choose.” In episode after episode, the genial economist identified laissez-faire economics with personal choice and empowerment, an upbeat vision that would be echoed and amplified by Ronald Reagan.

But that was then. Today, “free to choose” has become “free to die.”

I’m referring, as you might guess, to what happened during Monday’s G.O.P. presidential debate. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Representative Ron Paul what we should do if a 30-year-old man who chose not to purchase health insurance suddenly found himself in need of six months of intensive care. Mr. Paul replied, “That’s what freedom is all about — taking your own risks.” Mr. Blitzer pressed him again, asking whether “society should just let him die.”

Paul Krugman, New York Times, 2011-09-15
A transcrição do excerto relevante da entrevista conduzida por Wof Blitzer pode ser lida aqui. O clip aqui. Gostaria muito de saber a vossa opinião. "Free to choose" ou "free to die"?

(Também publicado no Estado Sentido)

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