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Jim Rogers: End the Fed!

A "grande experiência" em que os politburos dos principais bancos do mundo inteiro embarcaram, consistindo num exercício de planeamento central socialista a que o capitalismo é completamente alheio, consiste numa combinação de emissão ilimitada de moeda (por isso, sem fim possível) e da manipulação das taxas de juro que directamente controlam para níveis praticamente de zero, irá provavelmente acabar numa "grande implosão". Jim Rogers, numa mini-entrevista, exemplifica essa loucura monetária que o leva - por cortesia especial de Greenspan e Bernanke - a defender a extinção do Fed tal como aconteceu aos seus dois antecessores no séc. XIX:

Transcrição da entrevista da jornalista Manta Badkar (MB) a Jim Rogers (JR):

MB: Since May the tone from the Federal Reserve has been significantly more hawkish. Do you think they're heading in the right direction? What do you expect?
JR: I hope that in goodness they stop printing money. Note that this the only time in recorded history that all the major central banks in the world are trying to debase their currency at the same time. The japanese said: we will print "unlimited" - that was their word, unlimited amounsts of money. So in Washington they said: wait a minute! We can do that! So we've started to print a trillion dollars a year. A trillion dollars a year! So the english said, wait a minute guys, we can do it! The europeans said "we will do whatever is necessary", that's their term. It's absurd what's going on. It's got to end some day. The market is gonna force it to end and then they're going to come to their senses.
MB: How do you think Ben Bernanke did it?
JR: Absolute disaster! Between Greenspan and Bernanke, I mean, as you probably know, America's had three central banks. The first two disapear. Between Greenspan and Bernanke this is is going to disappear too because they'be ruined it. I mean, they printed staggering amounts of money. They've ruined the balance sheet, the balance sheet is gone full of government bonds, it has more than qradupled in five years. Bernanke is going to go down in history as an absolute disaster!
P: Who do you think the next Fed Chairman should be then?
JR: Nobody. Should abolish the Federal Reserve. The world without a central bank has problems but with this central bank... look at the people they are talking about! I mean, it's all more of the same milk! There's nobody who understands the problem. They all want to print money for their friends and they hope that's can save things until the next guy comes along and prints money.

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