quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

É assim como uma espécie de SCUT

a ideia para o novo "estímulo" que Obama se apresta a anunciar aos americanos, de acordo com o Wall Street Journal:
Here's a novel idea: Have Congress create a "bank" that could borrow huge sums with only a small federal outlay and would be independent of any political interference. If you believe in this miracle, you probably thought Fannie Mae was a private company that wouldn't cost taxpayers a dime.

We're referring to Washington's latest marketing tool to sell spending to a skeptical public, a new federal "infrastructure bank." For the low, low price of $30 billion or so, President Obama says Congress can conjure hundreds of billions in new "grants and loans" to rebuild "roads, bridges, and ports and broadband lines and smart grids."
Leia o resto aqui.

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