quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

Keynesianismo sintético e analítico

Versão sintética:

Versão analítica (retirada de How To Debate Paul Krugman, por Detlev Schlichter):
  1. Recessions, depressions and crises are the result of the unhampered market.
  2. The Great Depression was caused by uncontrolled markets.
  3. Recessions, depressions and crises are practically the result of one problem: a lack of aggregate demand.
  4. The Great Depression was solved by the government spending lots of money and the central bank printing lots of money.
  5. This explains ALL economic problems.
  6. If there are recessions, depressions and crises, they can all be solved by printing money and by deficit spending.
  7. If after many rounds of money printing and deficit spending there is still a recession, then only one conclusion is permissible: There was obviously not enough money printing and deficit spending.
8) If after another round of money printing and deficit spending we still have a recession, then….well, are you stupid, or what? We obviously have NOT PRINTED ENOUGH MONEY and we are NOT ACCUMULATING ENOUGH DEBT!

(And, by the way, remember (7) above.)

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