quinta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2011

Motins no UK: uma explicação politicamente incorrecta e o direito à auto-defesa

Ricardo Campelo de Magalhães, chama a atenção para um importante artigo de Gary North cujo título - London Riots: What Nobody Dares to Say - diz ao que vem.

North começa por relembrar os gigantescos motins que se verificaram nos EUA, nos meados da década de 60, durante a administração de Lyndon B. Johnson que, também por isso, lançou a "Great Society" como tentativa de resposta à instabilidade social de então e a "amenizar" o impacto social do crescente envolvimento no Vietname. Relembra igualmente os motins em Los Angeles em 1992, a propósito do escândalo Rodney King. Encontra dissemelhanças mas também muitas similitudes com o Reino Unido de hoje. Mas o melhor mesmo será ler o artigo na íntegra. Deixo apenas o trecho final:
Why the riots? The Left's party line never changes: not enough jobs, not enough state welfare. You can read it here. The article says the riots may be coming to the United States. I thoroughly agree.

I have a different analysis regarding the causes. First, there is state-funded education, k-12 (or dropping out). Second, there are minimum wage laws, which hit black teenage males most of all. Third, there is a complete breakdown of families, subsidized by state welfare. Fourth, there is envy. Fifth, there is jealousy. Sixth, the cost of organizing violence is falling steadily. The fun and excitement of violence are tempting to young men with no roots and no fathers at home. When you have a falling price for a forbidden fruit, you get riots. Combine it with racial hatred and a life of envy, and you get riots.

The jealous steal. The envious burn. They're already in a city near you.

There will be an incident. There always is.

There may be a riot. If there is, governments will react. Freedoms will be removed. Voters will cheer.

Violence feeds on itself.

The victims of banditry will take it for a while. They have been guilt-manipulated for 45 years. But the day will come when they will dig in, the way the Indian shop owners did in London. But, in this country, the victims will be armed.

Better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.

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