quinta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2011

Os bancos estão a destruir o mundo

Escreve Lew Rockwell (ex-chefe de gabinete de Ron Paul): Banks Are Destroying the World
«Banking, properly considered, is an essential market function: basically, paying interest on time deposits, loaning them out at interest, and profiting from the spread. Of course, fractional-reserves are a problem, and an essential cause of the business cycle. But there was always some limit, thanks to even an attenuated commodity standard. However, banking, as it has developed since Nixon led the world onto a pure fiat money standard 40 years ago, is a menace. With their cartel enforcers, the central banks, the commercial banks have taken us into a crisis of a magnitude never before seen in the history of the world. Banks and their friends have grown immensely rich through fraud and manipulation. But they are also immensely shaky. And make no mistake: the current Euro debt crisis, like the US depression, is entirely a function of commercial banks gone wild, through central banking, and tax victims being punished for the banksters. Indeed, we live in some sort of bankocracy, which must be overthrown. As it is, we are headed down the deepest economic hole ever dug. Ron Paul knows why, and he knows the way out. Listen to him.»

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