terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2011

A queda de Khadafi e o futuro da Líbia

Algumas questões importantes sobre o futuro da Líbia, por Brian  Beyer:
If Gaddafi is captured, will the NATO enforced no-fly-zone cease?

If Gaddafi is captured, will he be given a fair trial and brought to justice, or will he be executed and disposed of in the sea so as to “honor Muslim tradition?”

As the prospect of sectarian strife and civil war still looms large in a post Gaddafi world, will American and NATO forces continue to be involved?

Will boots of any sort be deployed on the ground?

How do we, the westerners, win this “intervention?”

Who will get all of the Gaddafi loot and frozen assets?

Just who is the Libyan Transnational Council?

Why is the TNC already being recognized as Libya’s rightful representative, despite the lack of the idolized democratic process?

How connected and intertwined is the TNC with the Gaddafi regime, especially considering many members defected?

Are the defectors mere opportunists, fearful of an Iraq style scenario, or did they reform their ways once they realized Gaddafi brutality?

Has the Libyan security apparatus already been handpicked and groomed by Western forces, full of former Gaddafi loyalists?

Will the United Arab Emirates really employ a force of ten thousand troops in Tripoli to prevent the “revolution” from collapsing?

Who makes up the ragtag collective of rebels?

Al-Qaeda, as some say?



Freedom loving youth?

Will Libya quickly turn towards Iraq chaos?

Will the Libyan people actually achieve a freedom agenda?

Or will it all be a farce like in Egypt?

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