sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2011

51% contra 49% e vice-versa

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CNBC Host: "You have a very radical strategy for a smaller government. You don't like Social Security or Medicare very much. You're not totally in favor of public schools, say some. Given the backlash there was with Paul Ryan's attempt to cut Medicare and Social Security, do you think that there's mileage in that with the American people still when one in five dollars received at a personal level comes from entitlements?"

Ron Paul: "Well, that's the key political question. Assuming that probably 51 percent of the people are still anxious to get a check from the government, and 49 percent are tired of paying it, I would say to you that my views are very appealing to those people who have to work for a living. And those others who might lose their benefits are very nervous about it. But my programs wouldn't cause the loss. The loss is coming anyway because these programs are ending because our country is bankrupt, and we won't be able to afford them. Even if we have now opted to keep sending the checks out, and we're not going to declare a default by not sending the checks -- we've decided to print the money and send them checks that have less value, and that's why the standard of living is going down. So, those programs are not viable, just as our foreign policy and our foreign occupation, that is not a viable option anymore either."

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